Springvale Fish and Game
The 2018 Deer Pool Banquet took place on December 16th at the Elk's Lodge in Sanford.
The results are:
             1st Place Winners

-Ethan Johnson 

      Largest Deer..Youth..Doe..140.3 lbs.

     Wins Remington 20Ga Bird/Deer Shotgun       

                          +Trophy Plaque

-Brett Merrill-

         Largest Buck….209.8 lbs

             Wins Ruger American 30-06

                         Vortex Rifle Pac

                         +Trophy Plaque

-Jeff Chase

        Largest Doe..131.0 lbs

    Wins Remington 20Ga Bird/Deer Shotgun

                        + Trophy Plaque

                2nd Place Winners

-Mark Mathieu

    2nd Largest Buck…189.6 lbs.

         Wins $150.00 cash + Framed Certificate

-Sonny Ecker

     2nd Largest Doe…130.8 lbs. 

          Wins $125.00 cash + Framed Certificate

-Hunter Denbow

 Smallest Deer-Youth..Doe..55.4 lbs

          Wins $100.00 cash + Framed Certificate


             Door Prize Winners

-Henry Golden Boy 22LR. Rifle 

           Michelle Sherman

-Ruger Blackhawk 357/9mm           


               Donald Lelievre

-CVA Wolf 50 cal. Muzzle Loader

              Dennis Brennan 

Again we thank all those that participated in this year's event, and the vendors and sponsors that supported us.

This was our best Deer Pool event yet and we are truly grateful for you faithful folks that partner with us every year. We look forward to our next event and invite you all to join in.
The 2017 Annual Deer Pool was a huge success this year with 153 adult entries and 18 youth entries..total 173. A lot of nice deer were registered and the competition was tight. The end results are as follows:

Largest Buck…....Sonny Ecker…..219.9 lb

                   Wins a Remington 7600 30-06

2nd Largest Buck...Matthew Smith..213 lbs

                    Wins $150.00 cash

Largest Doe……Dale Smith……….161.4 lb

        Wins a Rem. 20 ga. Shotgun Combo

2nd Largest Doe...Mark Sousa……135 lbs

                     Wins $125.00 cash

Largest Deer-Youth:

                      Brady King..Buck...174.4 lbs

              Wins a Rem. 20 ga. Shotgun Combo

Smallest Deer Youth…...

                     Ethan Johnson..Buck....124.6 lbs

                     Wins  $100.00 cash

Banquet Raffle Winners:

            AJ Davis Memorial Awards

                 Hunter Denbow…………

                        $150.00 KTP Gift Card

                 Madison Shephard……..

                        $100.00 KTP Gift Card

                 Parker Bisson…………….

                        $50.00 KTP Gift Card

50/50 Raffle……Tim Sansoucy….$156.00

Door Prizes……..

Robert Steward…….

                         Remington 7600 30-06

 Tyler Plante……

               CVA Wolf 50 cal Muzzleloader

Turkey Federation Limited Editions Prints


    Flying Tom print……

                 Zack Plante…$210.00 bid

   # 2 Print………………

                 Bill Plante…  $210.00 bid

Upcoming Deer Pool Contest and Banquet.See flyer below
      Results of the 2016
       Annual Deer Pool
Largest Buck...Steve Tompson 192 lbs
Largest Doe......Adam Hale.....130.8 lbs
2nd Larg. Buck..Gary Green...119.8 lbs
2nd Larg. Doe...Daniel Ferry..123.4 lbs
Smallest Deer...Scott Davis

The Banquet Celebration was held at the Sanford Elks on Jan. 22nd and was a nice event with a good turnout. (More photos to come.)
There were many prizes and raffles for everyone to take advantage of and a lot of good food provided. (Big thanks to our members and volunteers.)
Steve Tompson Winner Rem 7600
Adam Hale Winner Rem 870
We want to thank all those who participated in the Deer Pool and the Banquet. As always, you make it happen.
We also want to thank our many sponsors who always step up with support and make this event possible.

We are excited about the way this event is developing and look forward to an even better event next year.

See you then.
Coming Up....
2016 Annual Deer Pool
Our 2016 Deer Pool will have even more prizes for adults and youths.
Again there will be a rifle awarded to the adult with the largest buck, and a shotgun for the adult with the largest doe. There will also be a cash prize awarded to any entrant (youth or adult) with the smallest deer.
 There will also be cash prizes awarded to the adults with the 2nd largest buck and doe.
The youth with the largest deer (buck or doe) will have a choice of a paid week at Bryant Pond Conservation Camp, or a 20 Ga. Shotgun with a rifled barrel.
As you can see, there are many opportunities to "cash in" at this year's Deer Pool, so be sure to pick up your entry ticket. Tickets are available from club members and at our various events. They will also be available at certain retail locations announced later.
Our next event will be the Kid's Fishing Derby,
June 5th, 2016 at Roberts' Pond, Alfred, ME.

**2015 Deer Pool results:**
Largest Buck.... Bill Plante....206 lbs.
Bill will be awarded a Remington mod. 7600
30-06 rifle at the awards Banquet, January 17th,
at the Sanford Elks Lodge.
Largest Doe....Tim Turcotte....116 lbs. Tim will be
awarded  a Remington Expre
ss 20 Ga. Shotgun.
Youth Category... two gents qualified for 1st place:
Tyler Fenderson and Jordon Basinger
Both will be awarded Lifetime Hunting Licenses.

We congratulate the winners and thank all those who participated. We also thank our dedicated sponsors who
stepped up to help make this event happen. This year
was an even bigger success and we're grateful for to
you all.
You're all invited to the Banquet on Jan. 17th. and we
hope to see everyone there!
3rd Annual Deer Pool Banquet