2020  Ice Fishing Derby was a success!
                   See Results Below
      Springvale Fish & Game Club 2020 Ice Fishing Derby

Winner Category         Name             Weight & Prize          

1st place                Bob Davies            6.10 lb Laker


2nd place              Roger Rocray         4.52 lb Laker


3rd place                Jim Bolduc            4.20 lb Laker


1st Place-Youth      Sean Cleary       2.71 lb Chain Pickerel
                                                                Plaque & Tackle


2nd Place-Youth     Benjamin Allen  2.0 lb Largemouth Bass
                                                                Plaque & Tackle


3rd Place-Youth     Hunter Boles      1.31 lb Chain Pickerel
                                                                 Plaque & Tackle

Largest Bass           Sean Cleary      2.71 lb Largemouth Bass


Largest Crappie      Steve Cote       1.64 lb Black Crappie


Largest Pickerel      Sean Cleary     2.71 lb Chain Pickerel

Bonus Trout            Korey Sanborn  1.34 Brook Trout



     2020 Mousam Lake Ice Fishing Derby Results

Category                Name           Species/Weight/Prize
1st Place             Bob Davies       6.10 lb Lake Trout

2nd Place            Roger Rocray    4.52 lb Lake Trout

3rd Place              Jim Bolduc        4.20 lb Lake Trout

1st Place-Youth    Sean Cleary      2.71 lb Chain Pickerel
                                                            Plaque & Tackle

2nd Place Youth   Benjamin Allen 2.0 lb Largemouth Bass
                                                           Plaque & Tackle

3rd Place Youth    Hunbter Boles   1.31 lb Chain Pickerel
                                                            Plaque & Tackle

Largest Bass         Sean Cleary        2.71 lb Largemouth

Largest Crappie    Steve Cote          1.64 lb Black Crappie

Largest Pickerel   Sean Cleary          2.71 lb Chain Pickerel                                                                                     $100.00          

Bonus Trout         Korey Sanborn      1.34 lb Brook Trout

Again we'd like to thank all of you that participated
and made this a great day. A lot of fish were caught
and mother nature was kind to us. And as always, we
need to thank our generous sponsors...without them
we couldn't have put this event together.
We look forward to next year and hope you'll join us
Ice Fishing Derby Committee
(See photos below)


2018 Ice Fishing Derby is over!
It was a great day with mild weather and lots of folks enjoying the event. Preliminary count shows 222 anglers entered, with some 30 fish weighed in.
The results are as follows:
1st Place Youth..Gunner Walsh..5.54 lb Bass
2nd Lace Youth..Summer Hewitt..5.10 lb Bass
3rd Place Youth..Tyler Hewitt......2.70 lb Laker
Adult Coldwater Species
1st Place...Brady Harrison..4.58 lb Lake Trout
2nd Place..Dave Cote.........4.22 lb Lake Trout
3rd Place...Brian Basinger..4.18 lb Lake Trout

Bonus Trout...Rodney Furbush..1.31 lb Brookie
Largest Crappie..Troy Lemire.....1.30 lb
Largest Pickerel..Jeremy Drobish..3.46 lb
Largest Bass..No Winner
The members of Springvale Fish & Game Club
wish to extend our sincerest thanks to all
those who entered the tournament and all those who supported our event.
Special thanks to our sponsors and local vendors who are always willing step up for our cause. Proceeds from this event will benefit University of Maine 4H Conservation Camp at Bryant Pond, Bethel, Maine.
See Photos below.

Just a heads-up that the 2018
York County Ice Fishing Derby
is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 28th, at the foot of Mousam Lake. Weigh in begins at 6:30 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.
Entry tickets can be obtained at Beadle's Bait & Tackle, Lakeside Marina, Trains in Lebanon, or any Club member.
There will be trophies and prizes awarded, several raffles and a great door prize of a Jason Mitchell Portable Ice Shelter and equipment sled.
(See photo below)
We anticipate plenty of ice and great ice fishing conditions.
Hope to see ya'll there!
The 2017 Ice Fishing Derby was a success! The event took place on schedule, Sunday Jan. 29th with 281 entrants (58 kids) catching many nice fish. The weather couldn't have been nicer and the setup at the foot of Mousam lake worked out very well. There are photos below and here are the winners:
Kids category:
Malcom Hunt....1st...3.26lb...sm. mouth bass
Jase Moneypenney..2nd...2.57 lb.Lg.mouth "
Alexander Marchand..3rd..2.43 lb     "         "
Adults category:
Sean Garron.....1st....Lake Trout..........4.57 lb
Jim Rankin.......2nd...Lake Trout..........4.02 lb
Dave Cote........3rd....Lake Trout..........3.87 lb
Haley Dunlap...1st....Bass....................5.00 lb
Ethan Fortier...2nd...Bass.....................4.87 lb
Sarah Hewitt............Brook Trout.........1.25 lb
Dyllan Graffam.........Crappie................1.59 lb
Jeremy Drobish........Pickerel...............2.25 lb
Haley Dunlap............Womens...Bass....5.0 lb
We want to thank all the participants and sponsors that came together to make this  event a success. Your faithful supports enables us to again contribute to the Spina Bifida Research Organization.This has been a great event and we look forward to a bigger and better event next year.

  The Annual York County
Regional Ice Fishing Derby
              Is on!
      (See Smart Shopper ad below)

   The date is Sunday January 29th
        from 6:30 a.m. till 3:30 p.m.
Pre-register at
: Lakeside Marina
                         Beadle's Bait & Tackle
                         Acton Trading Post

Or register that day at the weigh-in headquarters at the foot of Mousam..till 9:00 a.m. Entry fees: $20.00 adults
                                   $10.00 children            
Hundreds of dollars in cash prizes plus trophies and prize items
1st prize.........$550.00
2nd prize........$350.00
3rd. prize........$150.00
Many other cash prizes and trophy categories.
Come join us and bring the family!

2017 Ice Fishing Derby Smart Shopper Ad

The Springvale Fish and Game club is the oldest fish and game club in the state of Maine. Established in 1891 members have a long history of fishing derbies, hunter safety, for the youth, and hunting expeditions for the experienced hunters.


Enjoying the great outdoors as always been a tradition with Springvale Fish and Game; it is a tradition and passion we share with our youth in the community.


Springvale Fish and Game is proud to sponsor children for a week at conservation camp each year.